Day One: Tuesday, June 6th

Welcome to #LIS17

Pedro Rocha Vieira, President at Beta-i, and Joao Vasconcelos, Secretary of State of Industry in Portugal, will kick off #LIS17.

Investing in Entrepreneurial Communities

Time: 10.30
Panelists: Maurizio Rossi (H-farm), Vincent Jacobs (Kima Ventures), Sofia Benjumea, (Google Campus Madrid)
Moderator: Till Ohrmann (Pirates Summit)

It takes a village to raise a startup. To prosper they require funding, mentoring, like-minded entrepreneurs and access to essential tools, making up the entrepreneurial community. Investing into these communities is all about increasing the resources available to startups, not just in terms of capital, but also expertise and support. These communities appear in various formats and different levels of involvement, what they all have in common is the aim to empower entrepreneurs.

Women in VCs

Time: 11.00
Panelists: Carolina Brochado (Atomico), Laura Grimmelmann (Accel), Alice Zagury (The Family)
Moderator: Alex Barrera (Press42)

Women are underrepresented on both sides of the table in the funding process, and the funding gender gap is getting worse. It is a well-documented fact that female founders receive less funding than their male counterparts. Could it boil down to a lack of female founders? According to research done by TechCrunch, only 7% of VCs are women. Is venture capital a boys club only?

Scaleup Portugal: Launch of the SEP monitor

Time: 11.00
Panelists: Carolina Brochado (Atomico), Laura Grimmelmann (Accel), Alice Zagury (The Family)
Moderator: Alex Barrera (Press42)

The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) was established by the European Commission to transform European startups into scaleups by connecting them to global corporations. SEP is led by Mind the Bridge, and in partnership with Beta-i they are launching a report on the current stage of scaleups in Portugal. During this talk they will provide insights into the main findings of the report, illustrating the number of ICT scaleups in cities across Portugal.

Interview: From Eventbrite to Index Ventures

Time: 15.00
Interviewee: Renaud Visage
Interviewer: to be announced

Renaud is the co-founder of Eventbrite, the world’s largest event technology platform. He is the technical architect of the platform and CTO of the company. Not long ago, he was announced as a venture partner in Index Ventures to guide founders in global expansions and support companies with technical problems. In this interview, we will get insight into the move from entrepreneur to investor and how he will maintain the balance between the two.

Series A Startup Pitches

Time: 15.30
Startups: to be announced

Three startups will be pitching on stage. Each will be given 3 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A.

Startup Demo: Mellow Inc.

Time: 16.00
Founder: Catarina Violante

Mellow is a new kind of kitchen robot. It is a robotic sous chef that lives on your countertop and inside your smartphone to prepare perfectly cooked food at the exact time you want it. The sous-vide machine takes the order through your smartphone, keeping the food cold until it’s time for cooking, to ensure it’s ready for the time you requested. You do not have to plan and prepare ahead – Mellow does it for you.

The Future of Education

Time: 17.00
Panelists: Francisco Veloso (Catolica Business School), Maurizio Rossi (H-farm), Lucia Figar De Lacalle (IE university), Bo Ji (CKGSB)
Moderator: Ricardo Marvao (Beta-i)

In spite of a constantly evolving society, education has remained roughly the same for decades, even centuries. When a first grader today will enter the workforce in 2030 the playing field will look dramatically different. As a result, we need to shape education to accommodate flexibility to welcome the future. This calls for drastic changes to the current education system, but what will these changes be?

Hot Technologies in Seed Investment

Time: 17.30
Panelists: Fausto Boni (360 ventures), Boris Golden (Partech ventures), Rodrigo Martinez (Point Nine Capital)
Moderator: Dave Haynes (Seedcamp)

These European Venture Capitalists will give us the inside scoop on the technologies worth investing in through seed stage startups. Fausto Boni is the founding partner at 360 ventures, the French-Italian Venture Capital fund. Boris Golden is a principal at Partech Ventures in Paris, focused on seed stage investments across Europe. Rodrigo Martinez is a trained engineer and principal at Point Nine Capital in the Berlin-based VC.

Day Two: Wednesday, June 7th

From Entrepreneurs to Investors

Time: 10.15
Panelists: Pietro Bezza (Connect ventures), Filip Dames (Cherry VC), Sean Seton-Rogers (PROfounders)
Moderator: to be announced)

Pietro co-founded Connect Ventures, a London-based VC, and is now managing partner. Before this, he co-founded and served as CEO for Neo Network, a mobile media company acquired by De Agostini Group. He has extensive experience in Internet, mobile and media with expertise in marketing, growth and content. Filip Dames founded his first company in 2008, an online auction platform, before joining the founding team of Zalando. After holding several executive positions at Zalando, he went on to co-found Cherry VC, a Berlin-based fund founded by a team of entrepreneurs. Sean is a partner and co-founder at PROfounders, an early stage venture capital fund in London, supporting digital companies.

The Rise of Angel Investors

Time: 12.30
Panelists: Gil Dibner (Angel Investor), Pedro Falcao (LC ventures), Felix Peterson (Faber Ventures)
Moderator: Markus Lang (Pioneers)

It’s fair to say that angel investment has become trendy. From FY15 to FY16, angel investment saw a 62% increase, while VC funding was in decline. According to a study by MIT scholars ‘the angel group outperformed the venture capital industry overall’. Furthermore, angel investors significantly increase startup success rates, increasing the survival rate by ‘14%-23% for the next 1.5 to 3 years’. What are the reasons behind these results and what are the implications of the rise of angel investors on the ecosystem?

Live Mentoring

Time: 13.00
Mentors: Marvin Liao (500 startups), Max Kelly (Techstars)
Startups: to be announced

Marvin Liao and Max Kelly both have extensive experience mentoring startups, both representing leading tech accelerators. Marvin is a partner at 500 Startups, running the 500 startup accelerator in San Francisco and investing in seed-stage startups. He has more than 17 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Max Kelly is the managing director of Techstars London. Before joining Techstars he spent 12 years at Virgin, responsible for the strategy of the Virgin group and starting new companies within the group. Together they will mentor three startups pitching live on stage.

Keynote by Jon Bradford

Time: 15.00

Jon Bradford has co-founded a vast amount of influential companies and run several accelerators in the UK. He’s the co-founder of F6s, a large network for entrepreneurs, and, a digital publication covering the European tech industry. He launched the very first bootcamp accelerator outside of US, in 2009, which later merged with Techstars, becoming their first international accelerator. He’s founded several other accelerators, including Startup Wise Guys, Eleven, Ignite10 Accelerator, as well as helping launch additional accelerators earning him the title ‘the Godfather of European Accelerators’.

Investing in Tomorrow, Today

Time: 16.45
Panelists: Alex Flamant (Notion Capital), Nicolas Debock (Balderton Capital), Yacine Galim (Sunstone), George Henry (LocalGlobe), Pedro Ribeiro Santos (Armilar Venture Partners)
Moderator: Ricardo Sequerra (Cherry VC)

A fireside chat with investors from various venture capital funds to discuss global trends and challenges, and how these will impact investments. Developments in tech, such as VR and AR, can have dramatic implications, serving as segways to alternate realities. New advancements in health care, such as personalized medicine, may give rise to a different health care system. Political systems and data privacy policies are changing, potentially impacting various industries and technological advancements. Artificial intelligence may alter the way we work or may be the end of the human worker. Is the end of the world near? Or is this just the beginning of the future?

This is just a sneak peak into what you can expect at #LIS17. More speakers and panels will follow soon…

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