side events

Exclusive Boat & Sunset Party

By the end of the first day of the Summit, Beta-i brings together 140 curated speakers, investors, corporates and startups to have a few drinks and watch the sunset on the Tejo River. The people, the location and weather make it the most sought after side event at #LIS, which is why in 4 years there has never been a free spot. Not once.

Speakers Dinner

Deep in the heart of Lisbon, and just before the #LIS kicks off, we host a dinner for all the key speakers joining us on stage during the following two days. Major partners, startups and investors are also invited to attend, making the Speakers Dinner one of the coolest side events at #LIS. As an attendee, you can join this exclusive group if you get one of the 10 Full Access Tickets.

Investors Academy

If you’re looking to take that next step on your investor journey, this one’s for you. The Investors Academy is an immersive, full-day program prepared by top, national and international, investors and venture capitalists. We offer attendees the unique chance to learn best practices, share first-hand experiences, and receive concrete content to help define and boost future investment roadmap. For a grand investor experience, get your Seasoned Investor ticket for both #LIS and the Investors Academy here.

Exclusive Startup Tour

Lisbon is not the new Berlin or Europe’s Silicon Valley. It’s more than that. Come and find out what we’re truly made out of and why we’re one of the top startup hubs in the world. This exclusive your is only for 6 people so if you want in, reach out and let’s talk.

The Midnight Conference

[ coming soon ]

Founders Getaway

[ coming soon ]

Final Party

[ coming soon ]

Embrace the unexpected.

Sean Seton-Rogers

Great companies, great investors, great speakers. Lisbon is the place to be in June!

Sean Seton-Rogers, partner at PROfounders